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Solid Drinks


In a world where over 300 billion plastic bottles and aluminum cans are bought every year, mainly for sugary drinks and soft drinks, it's become imperative to rethink the way we hydrate.

In response to this environmental emergency, Qwetch presents its Solid Drinks range, with natural flavours and no added sweeteners or sugar: a revolution in the field of daily hydration! This range combines pleasure and health while considerably reducing the impact on the environment, in particular by limiting the amount of waste generated.


Solid Drinks Qwetch: innovating for a more sustainable future

After more than two years of research and development, we are proud to introduce the Solid Drinks range to the market. This initiative is part of an ambitious drive to eliminate single-use containers once and for all.

At Qwetch, our commitment to the environment extends beyond the quality of our products to the impact they have on the planet. Each Solid Drinks emits around 96.92g of CO2, broken down as follows:



Reducing waste, pushing back the limits: our ecological commitment

By switching to Qwetch Solid Drinks, you reduce your waste by 98.5% compared to using a 500ml plastic bottle.

To explore this further, let's start by noting that an empty 500 ml plastic bottle weighs 22g. In contrast, an empty Solid Drinks pack weighs just 4g. Each pack contains 12 Solid Drinks. If we perform the calculation (4g ÷ 12), we get a result of 0.33g, which represents the weight of a single Solid Drinks if we think in terms of packaging.

At Qwetch, we don't underestimate the power of every little gesture. When a Solid Drinks Qwetch package is thrown into the paper garbage can, it begins a crucial journey to the recycling center.

The lessons we have learned

To date, there is no environmentally ideal packaging solution to protect our Solid Drinks tablets from moisture. Despite this, adopting Qwetch Solid Drinks means considerably less waste than using conventional plastic bottles. We are already looking into the possibility of eliminating this last plastic residue.

Together, let's work towards a more sustainable future, where hydration goes hand in hand with health and respect for the environment. With the Solid Drinks Qwetch range, every sip is a step towards a better world.

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