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The glass teapot with removable filter is the ideal accessory for sipping hot or iced tea, herbal teas, rooibos or flavored waters. Your infused drinks thus accompany you in the hollow of your sofa, in your garden or next to your computer during your days of teleworking.


How to choose a glass teapot?

The quality of the glass

Glass is a particularly aesthetic material, which allows you to admire the process of infusing the tea leaves in real time. With your glass teapot, you can not only appreciate the beauty of the brew, but determine when your tea is ready to drink based on its coloring.

Glass is also an ecological material, which can be fully and infinitely recycled without losing quality or transparency. It contains no substances harmful to the body and is therefore particularly suitable for food use. In addition, it is easy to maintain: all you need is a little hot soapy water, to which you can optionally add baking soda to rid your glass teapot of traces of limescale and restore its shine.

However, not all types of glass are of equal quality. It is highly recommended to opt for a borosilicate glass teapot, which is resistant to both low and high temperatures, as well as to thermal shock.

This thick glass also resists mechanical shock better than standard glass. For safety reasons, if the borosilicate glass teapot were to break if dropped on hard ground, it would not break into a multitude of fragments, but into a few large pieces that were easy to pick up.

Prefer double-walled glass teapots: this technical feature does not make them insulated, but allows them to be handled without risk of burning. You can therefore pour very hot water into it, which is essential to allow a good infusion of the tea leaves.

Depending on the ambient temperature, your teapot will keep your drinks hot or cold between 1 and 2 hours.

The type of filter

Before choosing your glass teapot, pay attention to the type of filter provided by the manufacturer. The most durable filters are those made of stainless steel, especially when it comes to 18/8 stainless steel. This stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which improve its resistance to corrosion.

The mesh of the filter must be fine enough to prevent the smallest tea leaves from escaping through the gaps. If you like to drink rooibos, this detail is very important, because the leaves of this small shrub native to South Africa are always crushed or cut very finely.

Glass teapots can be sold with one or more filters. There are thus models sold with long infusion filters and short infusion filters.

The first are designed to filter flavored waters in which pieces of fruit, herbs or spices are bathed. They can stay in place in the glass teapot while you drink, while the latter withdraw after a few minutes, once the tea, herbal tea or rooibos has been infused.

Capacity, ergonomics and sealing

A capacity of approximately 300 to 400 ml is equivalent to a large mug of tea, and allows you to enjoy your drink at the right temperature before, if you wish, refilling the glass teapot.

It must be easy to grip, neither too wide nor too narrow to remain stable when you put it down. The tightness of the glass teapot is only ensured if the stopper has a silicone seal.

How to use your glass teapot?

Glass teapots are not suitable for on-the-go use, as their double wall can break on impact. They are ideal for enjoying your tea at home: thanks to the removable filter, you can infuse and enjoy your drink in the same container.

The stopper avoids accidental overflows, and allows, with the double-walled borosilicate glass, to preserve the heat longer than in a mug.

Wedge next to you on an armchair in front of a good movie, or placed on a corner of your desk, the glass teapot takes up little space and will accompany you for many years.

In summer, you can put it at the foot of your deckchair to sip a delicious iced tea, which it will keep safe from insects and dust thanks to its cap. You can also take advantage of the long infusion filter to refresh yourself with delicious homemade flavored waters.


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Les théières en verre

Pourquoi choisir une théière verre ?

Le verre est un matériau particulièrement esthétique, qui permet d’admirer en temps réel le processus d’infusion des feuilles de thé. Grâce à votre théière en verre ou votre bouteille infuseur thé, vous pouvez non seulement apprécier la beauté de l’infusion, mais déterminer à quel moment votre thé est prêt à être bu en fonction de sa coloration.

La double paroi des théières en verre ne le rend pas isothermes, contrairement aux théières isothermes en inox, mais permet de les manipuler sans risque de brûlure. Vous pouvez donc y verser une eau très chaude, ce qui est indispensable pour permettre une bonne infusion des feuilles de thé.

Comment utiliser sa théière en verre ?

Les théières en verre sont idéales pour déguster votre thé à la maison : grâce au filtre amovible, vous pouvez infuser et savourer votre boisson dans le même contenant. Le verre à double paroi permet de conserver plus longtemps la chaleur que dans un mug sans vous bruler les mains.

La théière en verre prend peu de place et vous accompagne sur votre bureau ou dans votre sofa. Vous pouvez aussi profiter du filtre à infusion longue pour vous rafraîchir avec une délicieuse eau aromatisée maison.