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What is a purpose-driven company ?


A purpose-driven company officially displays its social and/or environmental commitments to the common good. Equality between economic performance and contribution to the common good is advocated. A purpose-driven company is committed to producing a positive societal impact, having a precise social, scientific and/or environmental mission, and establishing a coherent economic model while equitably sharing the value created during the achievement of this mission. 

To become a purpose-driven company, it is therefore necessary to:   

  • Define a purpose and a mission with a positive societal impact;  ;
  • Reflect on social and environmental commitments;
  • Include the purpose and these commitments in the company’s legal statutes;
  • Select an audit firm that will assess every two years the company’s progress on these commitments. In case of non-compliance with these commitments, the purpose-driven status will be withdrawn; 
  • Establish a mission committee with people internal and external to the company to guide and guarantee the mission.

How did we become a purpose-driven company and what does it entail ?

Key dates :

Today we are a company with a mission, but the values ​​we defend have accompanied our ecosystem and our way of moving forward since our very beginnings. Some key dates in our journey:

Taking care of people and the planet.

As a purpose-driven company, Qwetch has made it its mission to make sustainable lifestyles attractive for food and beverages. This mission is based on five pillars of environmental and social commitment stated within our legal statutes: Manufacturing, Circularity, Climate, Solidarity and Movement.
These five pillars serve a purpose, the same one since the very beginning of Qwetch: to take care of people and the planet.
Qwetch works on the vision of a happy society where good consumption is not at the expense of natural resources and people.


From a purpose-driven company to the B Corp™ certification 

What is the difference between a purpose-driven company and B Corp™ certification? B Corp™ basically assesses the virtuousness of a business model and offers an evaluation grid that encourages continuous improvement while setting a minimum score to qualify for certification. On the other hand, becoming a purpose-driven company allows a company to set more or less ambitious objectives of its choice with a less rigorous audit mechanism, therefore relying more on the companies’ will and initiative.

As a result, becoming a B Corp™ and a purpose-driven company are two approaches that we consider to go hand in hand and allow us to credibly reflect the brand’s social and environmental commitments: the B Corp™ certification to assess more precisely the level of our commitment, and the status of a purpose-driven company to structure a comprehensive commitment policy that frames our commercial activity.

Since August 2022, we are officially certified B Corp™ and happy to be part of this community of stimulating actors, constantly looking for ways to improve our ways of taking care of people and the planet. After a year and a half of work, questioning and reflection, 10 months of waiting and 2 months of auditing, the verdict has finally fallen: we obtained a score of 96.3 for the B Lab™ Business Impact Assessment (BIA) which measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

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