Support projects aimed at restoring damaged ecosystems and encouraging the transition to a world without waste.

Surround yourself with passionate people to go further

"At Qwetch, we're passionate about what we do. Our commitment to the environment often goes far beyond the products we sell. Meeting passionate people, people who are committed to the planet, who want to change mentalities alongside us by raising public awareness, is something that is particularly close to our hearts.

"Stéphane Miquel, Founder & CEO of Qwetch.

3 aspects illustrate our philanthropic mission

1. Charity products

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2. Eco-challenge

Foundation GoodPlanet x x Qwetch

Qwetch joins the GoodPlanet Foundation and to launch a pilot educational program in the PACA region: Eco-challenge

A pilot educational program

Key figures

  • 7 high schools in the South of France
  • 380 eco-delegates involved
  • 5600 direct and indirect beneficiaries

Rally day

February 28, 2023 at La Halle de CocoVelten in Marseille, attended by 26 eco-delegates, their referents, the Southern Region, 5 speakers, GoodPlanet, Qwetch, teams.

  1. Inspiring speeches: Benjamin de Moliens, Nina Flabeau, Johan Reboul, Celia Poncelin, Eric Akopian
  2. Pitching of projects dreamed up by the eco-delegates
  3. A collective intelligence workshop to agree on a common project

The projects realised

  • Waste reduction awareness posters
  • Installation of a poll ashtray and distribution of portable ashtrays throughout the school.
  • Creation of educational school stickers
  • Organization of a 0-waste cosmetics workshop
  • Organization of a thrift shop at the school
  • Installation of a cup detection system on coffee machines to avoid the systematic distribution of disposable cups.
  • Design and installation of a 360° exhibition on the school premises to raise public awareness of waste management.

3. Other committed projects

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