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Qwetch x Myriam Aït Amar

Qwetch x Myriam Aït Amar

Hello Myriam, could you present yourself in a few words?

I have always been attracted to crafts. In 2005, I had the chance to discover ceramics. This is not a job I discovered but a life path, a way of living. I am deeply sensitive to the objects around us. To make ceramics is to create your universe and bring beautiful in everyday life.

Your universe is soft, poetic and soothing. How did you develop your creator's paw?
It is by working and experimenting a lot that you personalize your work. By trying to achieve the objects that made me dream and not master everything, I had to find my own techniques. Playing in the shade and the light, it was very quickly that I arrived at the porcelain. What I realize today is not really a technique that I learned but rather a real life course.


What are the people or artists who have been able to influence you in your work?
An artist made me dream a lot throughout these years: Lindy Dourthe and her works that are both dreamlike and macabre. We may not see a direct link between our work but she is a very inspiring artist. Likewise, I admire CarolinesweetMeMories' work with whom I am lucky now to exchange and share tracks of work. His photos are motionless poems.

Where do you work exactly? Do you think you can describe your workshop to us in a few words?
I have been working for 2 years in my workshop in one of the alleys of the old town of Forcalquier in the Alps of Haute-Provence. Facades of the 17th century and doors dating back over 200 years of age follow one another in this district. My workshop is simple, quiet and white. A cocoon where I spend my days and enjoy working but where space becomes more and more congruent.

What are your next projects ?
In recent years, my companion joined me in my activity, we have been on the project of a larger space that would allow us to centralize, simplify our activity and perhaps succeed in making us help. This is not an artistic project but a project to better sit what I already do.

Are you involved on a daily basis in the fight for the safeguard of our planet / against waste?
The way is still long. For 2 years, I have decided to start with the fight against plastic. My starting point was the bathroom, no more shower gel bottle or shampoo. It led me to make my own products. Recently, I also have all my household products. I give myself small goals in order to integrate little by little new habits and to stick to it.



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