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Hello Éric, can you tell us in a few words what the association is Clean My Calanques ?

Clean My Calanques is a Marseille association created by a group of friends, all in love with our city Marseille and our creeks. Since 2017, we have organized nearly thirty collections and collected more than 31 tons of waste!

What are your main actions?

We have given ourselves 3 missions: cleaning, raising awareness and sharing! We hunt for waste – especially plastic bottles and cigarette butts – by organizing regular “clean walks”, once or twice a month, with the aim of bringing together as many volunteers as possible! To participate, there is no age limit: everyone is welcome, the key word is inclusion.

“We often underestimate our power of action: many people think that small isolated gestures are useless and that it is better to give up. It's quite the opposite ! Every action has its impact, and we must set an example for future generations to protect our environment. »

After each collection, the waste is sorted (cigarette butts, bottle caps, glass, etc.) then distributed to partner associations such as Recylcop or Sauvage Méditerranée.

To get to the root of the problem, we also run weekly awareness workshops in schools to discuss the risks associated with waste pollution and overconsumption. Educating the next generations is essential for us! We also organize awareness and/or collection days for companies in team-building format.

What is the meaning of the partnership with Qwetch?
Our partnership with Qwetch is part of a logic that we have been trying to adopt and pass on for years: reducing the use of plastic! Indeed, the plastic bottle is one of the most common waste in nature. However, it is the easiest waste to remove from our daily lives in countries with direct access to drinking water. When we had the opportunity to get our message across with Qwetch, we didn't hesitate for a second! With a special mention for the aesthetic side!

I am an individual, I want to register for one of your cleaning events, how can I do this?
To register for one of our pick-ups, nothing could be simpler. All our future dates are on our website or on our other networks ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn ). We provide gloves and bags. All you have to do is come with your picnic (preferably zero waste 😉). We also give away ecological gifts with each collection for all those who find original waste.

The beautiful days are coming, do you have any advice for those who want to enjoy the creeks in an eco-responsible way?
For those who, like us, are in love with the calanques, do not hesitate, during your pick-ups and picnics, to take with you as little plastic as possible - and even why not, a bag to collect the waste you find. on my way. What a pleasure to leave a place, leaving it even cleaner than when you found it!

The association launches awareness campaigns among the youngest in order to develop their sensitivity to the environmental cause. A parody clip was notably published last November, with the participation of Bengous, directed by JC Pieri:

“We are going to take out the baleww […] and we are going to clean everything from Marseille to Paris”

More than just a bottle!
For each Calanques insulated bottle purchased, €2 is donated directly to the Clean My Calanques association in order to help preserve the biodiversity and natural beauty of the Parc des Calanques ecosystem. So do not hesitate to embark on the zero waste approach, take the plunge!

A bottle dressed in a photograph by JC Pieri.
Qwetch worked with the talented photographer JC Pieri to dress this bottle with a photo of the Marseille Goudes.

JC Pieri is a self-taught photographer and director sensitive to wide open spaces and nature. Originally from Marseille, this 29-year-old artist immortalizes his travels in the most beautiful way: by photographing or filming them.

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