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Where are QWETCH and accessories products made?


The isothermal containers are made in China, where their daily use is a tradition. Our team collaborates live, and over time, with a limited number of meticulously chosen factories and specialized in their field.
We have 2 China -based employees who have a permanent relationship with factories. In addition, we go on site regularly to think with engineers how to constantly improve products. Finally, we set up successive quality controls that we have independent organizations (SGS International, etc.) carried out on several levels of the chain:
Tests on the quality of the raw material upstream of production.
Tests of conformity in terms of food migration upstream and downstream of production.
Quality control before each departure of the goods to our warehouses.

The single wall stainless steel catering box is made in France.
All our products are then, on request, personalized in France and some are also decorated in this same workshop.

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