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What are the isothermal performance of Qwetch containers?


Qwetch products are manufactured by specialists whose manufacturing techniques and materials used allow us to guarantee very high results of conservation in hot and cold. The technology of the double wall with air vacuum associated with many quality controls throughout the production chain are part of the means that allow us today to ensure these very good performance even on small containers.

  • Stainless steel bottle 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1l: 12 hours hot / 24 hours cold
  • 1.5L and 2L Titan bottle: 16 hours hot / 48 hours cold
  • 340ml and 600ml meal box: 5 hours hot / 7 hours cold
  • Bento 850ml: 4 hours hot / 6 hours cold.
  • 300ml stainless steel teapot: 5 hours hot / 7 hours cold
  • 400ml stainless steel teapot: 6 hours hot / 8 hours cold
  • 320ml and 430ml glass teapot: 1 hot hour
  • Travel Mug 300ml and 470ml: 6 hours hot / 12 hours cold
  • Mug 240ml: 3 hot / 3 hours cold hours

Attention Lthe single wall bottles of the One collection, as well as the gourdes and the catering box, are not isothermal.

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