Where to find Solid Drinks?

Discover the hydration of the future,
near you!

Many of our retail partners have now joined the Solid Drinks adventure!

Some of them invite you to visit their stores for a tasting experience:

Upcoming Solid Drinks tastings in France

- Vannes: Culinarion store, 18/11/2023

- Guivapas: Hemisphère Sud store, 11/25/2023

- Saint Renan: Coeur de Table store, 15/11/ and 18/11/2023

- Bourges: Culinarion store, 18/11/2023

- Poitiers : Magasins Astuces de Cuisine, on 22/11, 25/11, 29/11 and 02/12/2023

Find the addresses of these stores on the map below.

Our retailers

You can find our Solid Drinks products at the following retailers: