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What are the different contenses of bottles, teapots and meal boxes?


THEInsothermal stainless steel bottles: 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1l.
THE Titan bottles : 1.5L and 2L.
THE One bottles : 500ml and 1L.
THEInsothermal stainless steel meal boxes : 340ml and 600ml.
THE Bento : 850ml
There Catering box : 900ml
THE Insothermal stainless steel teaons : 300ml and 400ml
THE glass tealer : 320ml and 430ml
THE mug : 240ml
THE Travel Mug : 300ml and 470ml


  • 260ml: The equivalent of a traditional porcelain mug or just enough to stop using the cans of aluminum fruit juices!
  • 500ml: battery enough to replace the famous "small bottle of disposable plastic water".
  • 750ml: the equivalent of a classic bottle of wine.
  • 1.5L:: the capacity of a bottle of plastic water commonly sold in a family pack.
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