transparent teapot

To admire the infusion in the process of coloring the water, the mixture of colors of your rigorously selected fruits or the hatching of your tea flower, what could be better than a transparent teapot. The glass allows you to see everything so you don't miss a thing of this soothing spectacle at home or in the office.


The advantages of the transparent teapot

Green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, rooibos… the varieties follow each other, but are not alike. Tea has organoleptic properties and nutritional richness that have earned it its rank as the second most consumed drink in the world after water.

Different configurations and various materials are available to allow infusion. Among them, the transparent teapot has many advantages both in terms of preparing tea and because of its eco-responsible dimension.

Glass is a material that lends itself very well to the infusion of fragile varieties, such as green tea in particular, but also tea flowers. On the other hand, the glass teapot is also suitable for cold infusions such as iced tea or even the production of fruit-flavored waters.

Transparent teapots are durable objects, in particular because the glass is not subject to the effects of scratches or corrosion. Borosilicate glass is solid and robust against the vagaries of everyday life.

Glass is a recyclable and ecological material that maintains a virtuous loop. Perfectly hygienic and inert, glass allows the manufacture of healthy containers free of Bisphenol A, this much criticized endocrine disruptor.

Without memories and totally neutral, glass teapots allow you to prepare powerful black teas, delicate white teas, but also light herbal teas or brightly colored rooibos without retaining the flavors of the infusions.

Transparent double-walled teapots are not insulated, unlike double-walled stainless steel teapots. However, they have the particularity of increasing the heat retention power while limiting the risk of burns when handling.

The preparation of tea is elevated to the rank of an almost mythical art in certain cultures , particularly in Asia . Without necessarily going that far, preparing your infusion without a timer in a transparent teapot offers you a break during which the pleasure of the senses, visual and olfactory, brings you back to the present moment.

How to use and maintain a portable transparent glass teapot?

Clear teapots have a removable central infuser, just like regular teapots. Different sizes of infuser baskets allow various uses depending on the preparations.

The long filter is intended for short infusions: black tea, green tea, rooibos… Dose your loose tea according to the capacity of the nomadic teapot then pour it into the filter. Then insert the infuser basket into the body of the bottle previously filled with hot water. The flavors and colors are diffused to the rhythm of the circulation of the water in a few minutes.

The portable transparent teapots also allow the preparation of long infusions or detox water. It is the short filter that must then be used. Fruit slices or loose plants are placed directly in the transparent teapot with hot or cold water. This type of container is perfectly adapted to the hatching of a tea flower. Simply place the small ball in the clear glass teapot, then watch the braided tea leaves open to reveal the edible flowers.

The short strainer simply attaches to the top of the clear teapot to allow water through, but not small bits and pieces when serving.

Transparent teapots are said to have no memory, because they do not retain the aromas from one preparation to another. In general, smooth glass walls simply need to be rinsed with clear water, possibly with the addition of washing-up liquid. If a few stains or slight staining appear, simply wash thoroughly using baking soda and a bottle brush. To do this, fill the glass teapot with water and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Leave to act, then rub with the bottle brush. Then rinse with clear water and let dry upside down.


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Théière transparente

Les avantages de la théière transparente

Thé vert, thé blanc, thé noir, thé oolong, thé jaune, rooibos… les variétés se suivent, mais ne se ressemblent pas. Le thé possède des propriétés organoleptiques et une richesse nutritionnelle qui lui valent son rang de deuxième boisson la plus consommée au monde après l’eau.

La théière transparente possède de nombreux avantages :

  • Le verre est une matière qui se prête très bien à l’infusion des variétés fragiles, comme le thé vert notamment, mais aussi les fleurs de thé. D’autre part la théière en verre est également indiquée pour les infusions à froid comme le thé glacé ou encore la réalisation d’eaux aromatisées aux fruits.

  • Le verre est un matériau recyclable et écologique qui entretient une boucle vertueuse. Parfaitement hygiénique et inerte, le verre permet la fabrication de récipients sains exempts de Bisphénol A, ce perturbateur endocrinien tant décrié.

  • Sans mémoires et totalement neutres, les théières en verre permettent de préparer tour à tour des thés noirs puissants, des thés blancs délicats, mais aussi des tisanes légères ou des rooibos aux couleurs vives sans retenir les saveurs des infusions.


Comment utiliser et entretenir une théière en verre transparent ?

Les théières transparentes sont dotées d’un infuseur central amovible, tout comme les théières classiques. Différentes tailles d'infuseurs à thé permettent des utilisations diverses selon les préparations.

Le filtre long est destiné aux infusions courtes : thé noir, thé vert, rooibos… Dosez votre thé en vrac selon la contenance de la théière nomade puis versez-le dans le filtre. Introduisez ensuite le panier infuseur dans le corps de la bouteille préalablement remplie d’eau chaude. Les saveurs et couleurs se diffusent au rythme de la circulation de l’eau en quelques minutes.

Les théières transparentes permettent également la préparation d’infusions longues ou d'eau aromatisée. C’est le filtre court qu’il faut alors utiliser. 

Le théières en verre sont dites sans mémoire, car elles ne conservent pas les arômes d’une préparation à l’autre. En général, les parois lisses en verre ont simplement besoin d’un rinçage à l’eau claire, éventuellement additionnée de liquide vaisselle. Si quelques tâches ou une légère coloration apparaissent, il suffit de procéder à un lavage en profondeur en utilisant du bicarbonate de soude et un goupillon.