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Engagement solidaire


From now on, primary classes through to high school elect eco-delegates to actively participate in the implementation of measures in favor of sustainable development within their schools. These eco-responsible projects can be very concrete: setting up compost, selective sorting in the classrooms, an organic canteen, a vegetable garden or even a chicken coop, etc. The eco-delegates are both co-pilots and ambassadors: they take part in the project steering committee, inform their comrades about progress and encourage them to get involved.

In France, there are nearly 4,300 high schools with 250,000 eco-delegates. These eco-delegates focus on 6 themes decided by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Ecological Transition: waste, energy, global warming, biodiversity and food waste. Our Eco-challenge educational program: I commit my high school to zero waste, will deal with the theme of waste and its management. Its main target: high school students, a pivotal age between adolescence and adulthood, levers of change, who wish to make their voices heard. In short, real consumer-actors!


The project is divided into several phases:

1. First phase: The development phase during which the teams of Qwetch, the GoodPlanet Foundation and develop the project hand in hand, organize it, choose the pilot establishments, document it and create a methodological guide for high school students.

2. Second phase: The awareness and exchange phase which begins with a first meeting with the eco-delegates and the educational teams of all the establishments of the PACA Region involved in the project around a workshop led by the teams of the GoodPlanet Foundation. Several times of exchange will be operated during which the methodological guide will be presented to the students so that they appropriate it.

3. Third phase: The consensus phase which will take the form of a day of meetings and debates organized in Marseille with the eco-delegates, the teaching teams and the partners (the GoodPlanet Foundation and its founder Yann Arthus Bertrand as well as the leaders of and Stéphane Miquel, CEO and founder of Qwetch). These partners will intervene as experts with young people to share their visions of the world of tomorrow and their personal and professional experiences where sustainable development is a major pillar in decision-making. Each establishment will also present the project it has thought about. At the end of this day, only one project will be elected to be applied in all the pilot establishments of the Region.

4. Fourth phase : Concerns the implementation phase of the project supported by the leadership teams of the GoodPlanet Foundation.

This project is a pilot project. If it is conclusive, it is intended to be applied on a national scale.



Created in 2005 as an extension of the artistic work and commitment to the environment of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the GoodPlanet Foundation, recognized as being of public utility, aims to place ecology and humanism at the heart of conscience and to arouse the desire to act concretely for the earth and its inhabitants. Understand the mechanics behind environmental issues. Raising awareness through action, simulation and fun in order to help everyone imagine the contours of a more sustainable and fairer world. Take concrete action on the ground and support the move to action by all audiences. These are the challenges of the GoodPlanet Foundation!

900.CARE wants to fight eco-anxiety by providing concrete solutions against the use of single-use plastic. Their raison d'être: “To create an ecological trigger in all families. ". Their mission: to launch the Happy Change movement so that the transition is made without constraint and always with the same pleasure of taking care of yourself! 900 is the average number of seconds you spend in your bathroom every morning and every evening. Convinced that these 900 seconds should be as pleasant as they are respectful of the environment, the company creates products that are good for you and good for the planet!


At Qwetch, in recent years, the philanthropic and solidarity component has taken on a real dimension. The philanthropic program is one of the 5 structuring commitments that Qwetch made by becoming a company with a mission . This commitment, like the others, honors the brand's vision: living in a happy society where consuming well does not come at the expense of natural resources or people. Our solidarity program , which aims to “restore damaged ecosystems and encourage the transition to a world free from waste. is now our only philanthropic line of conduct. We are committed for 2022 to 3 key solidarity projects:

– Our shared products , launched in partnership with our partner associations: Un Océan de Vie, Clean My Calanques, Mountain Riders, For My Planet, Reef Check France and Terre d'Abeilles. We support each association in financing co-constructed projects around waste management.

The Eco-challenge pilot educational program that we have just detailed above and that we would like to see applied on a national scale if the results are positive.

Various associative projects that we also carry out in parallel such as Green Friday , the European Week for Waste Reduction , financial aid to Couleurs de Chine , our historical partner association, the No Plastic Challenge , and many more… To discuss these topics or if you wish to get involved with our partner associations, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form .

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