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Guarantee policy


Qwetch guarantees its products for 2 years From the date of receipt, for any manufacturing defect.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use and maintenance leads to the cancellation of the guarantee. The conditions can be viewed on each product sheet of the store In the event of a defect on a product of a "limited series" or "personalization", Qwetch does not guarantee to be able to provide the same product. If the defect concerns a spare part (seal, cap, filter, etc.), the replacement will be carried out on the spare part only.

To make a complaint, please fill outThe contact form and to join:

  • the proof of purchase,
  • a description of the problem encountered,
  • The serial number of your product (engraved below, starts with W followed by 6 digits)
  • One or more detailed photos of the product.

Before any complaint, please check the 3 tabs above (your product does not keep warm / cold, is not waterproof, damaged product).

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