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Qwetch is working alongside the GoodPlanet Foundation and to launch a pilot educational programme. 

Qwetch is expanding its philanthropic action by co-imagining an educational programme alongside the GoodPlanet Foundation (which raises awareness and carries out field programmes around ecology and living together) and (a cosmetics brand committed against single-use plastic). The aim is to raise young people’s awareness about waste management by transforming them into actors of change. This educational programme is for secondary school students in the South of France (PACA Region) and is supported by the French National Education Ministry. Let’s explain! 


From now on, primary classes up to secondary school elect eco-delegates to actively participate in implementing sustainable measures within their schools. These eco-responsible projects can be very specific: setting up a compost bin, adding recycling bins in classrooms, having an organic canteen, creating a vegetable garden or even a chicken coop, etc. Eco-delegates are both co-pilots and ambassadors: they participate in the project steering committee, inform their classmates about progress and encourage them to commit to it. 

In France, there are nearly 4,300 secondary schools with 250,000 eco-delegates. These eco-delegates focus on six themes chosen by both the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Ecological Transition in France: waste, energy, global warming, biodiversity, and food waste. Our own educational programme will deal with the topic of waste and its management. Secondary school students are our main target audience. They are at a pivotal age between their teens and adulthood, are levers of change and want to make their voices heard. In short, true actors of change! 



The project is divided into several phases: 

1. First phase: This is the development phase during which the Qwetch, the GoodPlanet Foundation and develop the project hand in hand, organise it, choose the pilot schools, document it, create a methodological guide for secondary school students and get ready for the start of the school year.

2. Second phase: The awareness-raising and exchange phase begins with a first meeting with the eco-delegates and educational teams of each of the 20 establishments in the PACA Region (France) around a workshop led by the GoodPlanet Foundation teams. Several exchange times will occur during which the methodological guide will be presented to the students so that they can get familiar with it.

3. Third phase: The consensus phase will be a day of meetings and debates organised in Aix-en-Provence (France) with the eco-delegates, the educational teams and the partners (the GoodPlanet Foundation and its founder Yann Arthus Bertrand as well as the leaders of and Stéphane Miquel, the CEO and founder of Qwetch). These partners will act as experts with young people to share their visions of the world of tomorrow as well as their personal and professional experiences where sustainable development is a major pillar in decision-making. Each institution will also present the project it has in mind. At the end of this day, only one project will be chosen to be set up in the 20 pilot establishments.

4. Fourth phase: This is the implementation phase of the project assisted by the GoodPlanet Foundation’s teams.

This project is a pilot project. If it is successful, it is intended to be rolled out at national level. 




Created in 2005 as an extension of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s artistic work and commitment to the environment, the GoodPlanet Foundation, aims to place ecology and humanism at the heart of awareness and to inspire a desire to take action for the planet and its inhabitants.  Understanding environmental issues. Raising awareness by taking action, in an educational and playfulness way to help everyone imagine a fairer and more sustainable world. Taking action in the field and helping everyone start their own transition. These are the GoodPlanet Foundation’s challenges! wants to fight eco-anxiety by providing solutions against single-use plastic. Their vision is: “To create the ecological trigger within families.” Their mission is to launch the Happy Change movement so that the transition can be done without any constraint while still enjoying taking care of yourself! 900 is the average number of seconds you spend in your bathroom each morning and evening. Convinced that these 900 seconds should be both pleasant and eco-friendly, the company offers products that are good for us and the planet! 



In the past few years, the philanthropic and solidarity component at Qwetch has taken on a significant dimension. The philanthropic programme is one of the five structuring commitments that has enabled Qwetch to become a purpose-driven company. This commitment, like the others, honours the brand’s vision: living in a happy society where consuming well is not at the expense of natural resources or people. Our solidarity programme, which aims to “restore damaged ecosystems and encourage the transition to a waste-free world,” is now our only philanthropic course of action. For 2022, we have committed to three key solidarity projects: 

Our shared products, launched in partnership with our partner associations: Un Océan de Vie, Clean My Calanques, Mountain Riders, For My Planet, Reef Check France and Terre d’Abeilles. We support each association in the financing of co-built projects around waste management.

The pilot educational programme that we have just detailed above and that we would like to replicate at national level if all goes to plan.

Various associative projects that we also carry out in parallel such as Green Friday, the European Week for Waste Reduction, financial aid to Couleurs de Chine (our historical partner association), the No Plastic Challenge, and the list goes on. If you would like to have a chat with us about this or if you want to support our partner associations, feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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