Qwetch x Terre d’Abeilles, a new adventure for 2022

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Qwetch has joined forces with the NGO Terre d’Abeilles. 

After nearly three years spent with Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles, we are changing partners for our historic sharing product: the Bee insulated bottle. The honeyed love story between Qwetch and bees now continues alongside the NGO Terre d’Abeilles. Everything else, however, remains the same: for each Bee bottle purchased, you will be donating €2 to finance projects committed to the planet (we’ll explain how shortly).



For three years, we have been supporting Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles by setting up hives throughout France. In 2021, we were one of the network’s biggest sponsors with 30 hives implanted from North to South, which totals to around 1,240,000 sponsored bees. For 2022, we have decided to start something new involving education and awareness. From an early age, the following goal must be crystal clear: taking care of people and the planet by consuming in a more eco-friendly manner and by respecting our ecosystem and its biodiversity.



Terre d’Abeilles is an NGO of general interest, created in 2002. This dynamic and committed association has several goals:

  • First of all, to raise awareness and inform the general public about the fragility and importance of pollinating insects for the planet they make the most out of their educational site La Maison des Abeilles, based in central France (in the city of Ingrandes) where conferences, animations, and exhibitions take place. They also go to school to meet and discuss with the young generations.
  • To set up an educational programme with the Rucher-École (Apiary-School) for people aged 16 to 25 who have dropped out of school.
  • To defend advocacy with French and European government bodies in favour of agroecology and against chemical waste (insecticides).
  • To encourage companies in their CSR approach by helping them get involved in the preservation of pollinators.

Did you know ?
Our health depends on the health of bees.

Over 4,000 varieties of fruit and vegetables would not exist without pollination. Today, 75% of the world’s food production depends on pollinating insects, including our precious bees.

It is in this context that our partnership with Terre d’Abeilles takes on its full meaning: the idea is no longer to multiply the number of beehives everywhere in France, but to solve the problem at the source by making young people aware of the dangers of insecticides on biodiversity and by providing solutions to the governmental bodies against these devastating threats.

Buy solidarity to protect bees.

Buy solidarity to protect bees.

Qwetch is committed to donating 2€ per Bee bottle sold to the NGO Terre d’Abeilles to finance :

  • Educational projects in schools, hammering home the importance of protecting biodiversity to young people.
  • Actions in favour of advocacy against chemical waste, and more particularly insecticides which decimate all pollinating fauna.

Let’s get involved with the association so that it can honour its fight: to respect living organisms in favour of public health and future generations!

Meet Beatrice, passionate beekeeper and committed activist.


Hello Beatrice, before talking about your association, could you first introduce yourself in a few words?
A 4th generation professional beekeeper in the Berry region, I have been a witness to and victim of the disaster of pesticides on bees since I was very young. Refusing to abandon the fate of bees to agrochemicals, I founded the association Terre d’Abeilles to alert people to this major health and environmental disaster and to propose concrete solutions to put an end to it.

Can you tell us more about Terre d’Abeilles?
Founded in 2002, Terre d’Abeilles is a French association declared to be of general interest, which alerts and acts on a local, national and European level for the sustainable protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects.

What are your main actions?

  • Advocacy with national and European governmental bodies: Terre d’Abeilles is a force for proposals to stop the causes of the decline in pollinating fauna. We collaborate with eminent scientists in the drafting of our dossiers in favour of agro-ecology, which respects the living world and future generations.
  • Education for the general public: As a means of raising awareness, we develop educational materials in line with current trends. We organise events and activities on our La Maison des Abeilles site, as well as in schools with our interactive digital hive and other educational tools.
  • Beekeeping School: The Beekeeping School of Terre d’Abeilles provides training in good beekeeping practices. Specific programmes are offered to young people who have dropped out of school. And “bee safaris” are organised for children during the summer season.

What is the meaning of the partnership with Qwetch?
Terre d’Abeilles’ vision is “a harmonious cohabitation of people and bees”. A partnership with a company that is “committed to caring for people and the planet” is an obvious choice and a joy. For the respect of living beings, our fight against polluting waste such as pesticides and our action to raise awareness about the preservation of pollinating insects are in line with Qwetch’s values. Many thanks to you!

A last message to pass on?
Through our consumption choices, let’s all be actors of our future!

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