Qwetch and For My Planet Are Committed To Protecting the Planet!

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Qwetch and For My Planet are joining forces to launch the “Protect Ice & Reduce Waste” Programme.

“Act for the Future” defines For My Planet’s mindset, an association led by two nature lovers —  Alice Khelifa and Ismaël Khelifa — who put their passion to the service of the younger generation. This association has set up an educational tryptic to support the ecological awareness of secondary school pupils who have been chosen to be “environmental guardians” within their school.

Meet Alice and Ismaël, two nature lovers.

Hi Alice and Ismaël, before talking about your association, could you please briefly introduce yourself?
Alice is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. Ismaël is a journalist, children’s book author, and host of the French discovery TV show Échappées Belles (in English: Great Escapes). Lovers of the great outdoors, together we have walked through the polar regions as nature guides. Facing the declining glaciers in Greenland, we decided to create For My Planet in 2018.

What is For My Planet – Act for the Future?
For My Planet – Act for the Future is an association that uses an activity-based learning approach through contact with nature. We empower teenagers to commit to the ecological transition. Young people are actors in their mobilisation through eco-citizen actions, scientific expeditions in French national and regional parks, as well as through lectures they give throughout the year. They become actors of change and the citizens of tomorrow!

What are your main actions?
The eco-citizen actions imagined by the youth of For My Planet are very concrete, effective, and local:
• They transform their schools by taking tangible actions: building a chicken coop and a vegetable garden, establishing menus cooked with organic food, fighting against canteen waste, replacing paper towels with material ones, introducing a selective waste sorting system, setting up a compost bin, etc.;
• They clean natural spaces with friends and family;
• They produce, in collaboration with farmers, organic and local olive oil that they then sell with all profits going to the association;
• They create tote bags with scrap material;
• They collect hygiene products for associations and charities.

Are you personally involved on a daily basis in the fight to save our planet and reduce waste?
In our daily lives, we implement common eco-gestures (waste sorting, local and organic shopping, plastic reduction, etc.). We try as much as possible to buy clothes that are second-hand, recycled or made in Europe. Our next step is to set up a compost bin and buy an electric cargo bike to take our children to school.

  • 1st step of this tryptic: co-imagining and helping them carry out a tangible eco-responsible project in their school.
  • 2nd step: offering them a one-week expedition, immersed in nature, accompanied by scientists.
  • 3rd step: helping them set up a conference (lasting around 45 minutes) and create communication materials to present their experience in front of different audiences (in secondary schools, retirement homes, companies, etc.).

This educational programme will also be extended in France and Europe as part of an environmental education programme led by the UN. One of the topics covered is waste, particularly how it is processed in polar regions.

Since September 2021, French and Greenlanders teenagers have come together to face the threats to their environment through the For My Planet x Greenland – Protect Ice & Reduce Waste programme. An unprecedented human adventure where the World of Ice is providing a link between two different cultures.

Much more than just a bottle!
For each purchased Sea Ice Polar Bear insulated bottle, €2 will directly go to the For My Planet association. What is the goal? To set up an educational programme between French and Greenlandic secondary school pupils to build an eco-citizen project dedicated to waste reduction.

A bottle designed by Gib La Manufacture, a committed French artist.
Gib La Manufacture is a young French artist whose animal portraits are colourful and geometric. With vintage skateboards as her favourite medium, she gave insulated bottles a go and the result is chilling! The Sea Ice range puts three polar animals in the spotlight: polar bears, penguins, and whales. Qwetch and Gib La Manufacture wanted to celebrate these three animals which are part of the biodiversity threatened by global warming and by the disappearance of their fragile natural environment. Only Sea Ice Polar Bear is a shared product whose donations will be dedicated to the For My Planet association (the Sea Ice Whale and Sea Ice Penguin bottles complete the bestiary but their sales will not be counted in the donations for the association).

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