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Rosa Glass teapot

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Color Rosa
Capacity 430ml
Complete with
Support filters
Rooibos (Noir) Les Jardins de Gaïa
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Glass teapot - Rosa
Description plus minus

Easily and everywhere infuse your teas and herbal teas.

  • Matériaux sains
  • Etanchéité garantie
  • Sans BPA
  • Matériaux sains
  • Etanchéité garantie
  • Sans BPA
Materials plus minus
Tea-pot :
borosilicate glass

Cork :
Structure in stainless steel 304 (18/8)
BPA-free PP5 interior
Silicone seal

Food contact with stainless steel.
Dimensions and weight plus minus
Height: 22cm
Diameter: 7cm
Opening diameter: 5.3 cm

How to use

How you use your glass teapot depends on the type of filter you choose.

#1 With a short filter, simply unscrew the teapot cap and remove the two filters. Then place the tea - herbal tea or even fruit - to be brewed in the bottom of your container, pour in water and clip on the short filter. The flat filter acts as a strainer, ensuring a constant infusion.

#2 With a long filter, unscrew the cap, remove both filters and keep only the long filter. Then place the tea - your infusion or fruit - in the basket filter previously clipped onto the teapot, and pour in the water. Leave your beverage to infuse for the desired length of time, then remove the filter basket using the small handle provided.

Please note that the glass teapot is neither nomadic nor isothermal.


After each use, wash your container with warm, soapy water. The use of a cleaning brush is recommended. Rinse thoroughly and leave the open container upside down to dry.
Find out more about our tips in our article by clicking here: How to care for your product?

Questions fréquentes

Is the glass teamug insulated? arrow-down

Glass teamugs are not insulated. In fact, the double-walled glass only prevents your fingers from burning!

How to use the filters ? arrow-down

The short filter is for long infusions. Put your plants, herbs or fruit directly into the teapot and close with the short filter. The long filter is for short tea infusions. Leave your tea to infuse for a few minutes, then place the long filter on its stainless steel cup.

Are the teamugs leakproof? arrow-down

Yes, the teamugs are leakproof thanks to the silicone seal in the stopper. If not, the gaskets are available for sale as individual parts here.

Is the product dishwasher- or microwave-safe? arrow-down

No, do not put in microwave or conventional oven. Do not put in dishwasher.