How to choose your insulated water bottle?

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Our 5 tips for choosing your insulated water bottle

For the last few years, the insulated bottle has been part of our daily routine. This small reusable bottle quickly became a must-have in our daily occupations: while commuting, at work or even at the gym.
The market offers multiple choices and it’s not always easy to know which insulated bottle is the most suited for your needs. We regrouped in this article some key points and tips, on choosing the best one for you.

Prioritize steel or stainless steel bottles.

Prioritize steel or stainless steel bottles.

Reusable bottles are made from various materials. From glass to stainless steel, aluminum or even plastic, the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose the material suited to your use and consumption (and we are here to help 😉).

💡 Materials for your water bottle?

Of course, each material has its advantages (and disadvantages). Insulated plastic bottles, for example, are very lightweight but will enable proliferation of harmful particles for your health, and the taste of water can be altered. Same goes for aluminum bottles, for which the material is classified to be at risk. Indeed, aluminum is sensible to corrosion and can develop highly toxic molecules.

In contrast, stainless steel does not retain any odor and is safe for food contact. Meaning, it will not activate any chemical migration like bisphenol A, a potential endocrine disruptor, in your drinks.

In terms of resistance, glass and stainless steel are top of their class. However, glass bottles may break more easily and rapidly compared to stainless steel (or steel), which remains shatterproof.

You guessed it, insulated stainless steel bottles are the best alternative if you want a safe, durable and easy-to-clean bottle.

💡 The size of your bottle

The size of your stainless steel bottle is quite a personal choice. But it is necessary to ask yourself a few questions before pulling the trigger: what use will you make of it? Would you drink a lot during the day?

No matter the answer, you will find on the market a large panel of sizes, catered for all types of needs. On the one hand, a large format is great if you are not able to fill up the bottle during the day. On the other hand, a smaller format is ideal for everyday life, at work or at home.


A bottle combining ecology and efficiency, it’s possible!

A bottle combining ecology and efficiency, it’s possible!

While being widely recommended by health professionals for its quality, the insulated stainless steel bottle is an eco-friendly alternative for those who wish to decrease their ecological footprint, and lean towards a zero waste consumption. Let’s take a detailed look at the criteria.

Insulated bottles to keep hot and cold.

The thermal capacity is a big aspect to have in mind before choosing your insulated bottle.
Usually, bottles sold on the market are conceived to keep hot or cold between 6 and 24 hours. The number will vary with the model and size.
Good to know: Qwetch insulated bottles keep your drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, for optimal conservation.

Bottles 100% safe, eco-friendly & durable

What’s better than choosing reusable bottles as an ecological alternative to plastic bottles? Beyond the practical aspect, it’s going a step closer to zero waste and protect the environment.

Qwetch bottles, insulated or not, are durable because each product is washable and reusable endlessly. Added bonus, the products are made by a committed French brand, respectful of the environment. Can we ask for more?

Design bottles

Whether you are more fantasy or classic, the choice is yours when it comes to design. Insulated bottles now come with multitude of colors, meeting everyone’s needs.

While it is purely aesthetic, it’s preferable to choose a bottle to your image, when using it at home, at work or outside.
Beyond their efficiency, Qwetch products underline modern and refined designs with a touch of color and trendy prints.

Now it’s your turn to make a choice!

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