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Qwetch guarantees its products for 2 years against manufacturing defaults, upon reception date.

The non-respect of the use & care conditions voids the warranty. These conditions are searchable on every product page of the e-shop In case of a default on a “limited series” or “customization” product, Qwetch cannot guarantee to replace it by a similar product. If the default is linked to a spare part (sealing joint, lid, filter…), only the said spare part will be replaced.

To make a claim, please get in touch through our contact form and attach:

  • a proof of purchase,
  • a description of the problem encountered,
  • detailed photos of the product.

Before making a claim, please verify these 3 tabs hereunder:

(Your product does not keep hot nor cold? Your product is not leakproof? Your product has been damaged during transport?)

To check if your product keeps hot, pour hot water in your container and close the lid. After 5 min, feel the outer part of the product. If you feel several hot areas, then your product is not insulated. Please contact our customer service at [email protected] for more information.

The insulation (hot or cold conservation) is guaranteed if the product is intact, without any impact.

Make sure the sealing joint is well positionned and the lid properly closed. The leakproofness is guaranteed if the product is intact, without any impact.

If the sealing joint is lost or dammaged, please contact our customer service, we will send you a new one for free!

All defaults linked directly to a problem of transport are guaranteed. It is necessary to keep proof of the damaged cardboard and packaging, and a picture of the Colissimo or UPS label to proceed with the claim.

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