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The lids of our insulated bottles are evolving to adapt to new uses and to allow those who wish to easily equip themselves with an infuser. These new lids have been designed to screw on the infuser accessory directly and thus brew your tea, flavor or even purify your water. One cap rather than two: pre-equipping our insulated bottles with this cap also reduces our impact and avoids that you ends up with an accessory you do not need.

Started in 2022, this approach is progressive, some bottle models are likely not to offer this evolution yet.


Yes, you can put soft drinks in the Qwetch bottles.

Be careful when removing the lid, the pressure of the sparkling drinks could cause it to “pop”.

Also, we recommend that you clean the containers with hot soapy water after each use. For a thorough cleaning, you can use a bottle brush with warm water mixed with baking soda.

Sometimes some of our products are not customisable. But why? There are three possible scenarios:

  • Either it is a new product and it is currently being tested by our Alsatian engraver. If the test proves to be successful, it will soon be available for engraving;
  • Either the patterns of the design do not allow to clearly engrave the product;
  • Either the material of the product does not allow engraving (for example, our glass teapots are not customisable).

All year-round, we do our best to offer our Qwetch products at a fixed and fair price.

We have made the choice to offer our customers end of series on certain products that will not be renewed. Selection available on this link:

We are against unreasonable overconsumption and for sobriety. We encourage you to buy Qwetch articles or any other products, only if you really need them.

In a global context of rising raw material, transport and energy costs, our new 2023 tariff came into effect on February 1st. In order to make a success of the ecological transition we want to make, we wanted to limit the impact of cost increases on our consumer sales prices.

Thus, products dedicated to new uses, whose development will accelerate with the legislation, have seen their prices remain unchanged, particularly meal boxes and travel mugs. The price increases applied in February were limited to insulated bottles, whose retail price increased by an average of €1, with the exception of a few specific ranges for which a larger increase had to be applied to bring them in line with actual costs:
– The ROC range, with a particularly technical coating,
– The large formats, 1.5L and 2L, repositioned on a tariff more adapted to the reality of production costs,
– Products decorated in France.

Qwetch products are made by specialists, whose technics and raw materials guarantee a high level of temperature conservation, whether hot or cold. The vacuum insulated technology and the numerous quality controls, operated along the production lines, ensure these great performances, even on small volume capacities.

  • Stainless steel bottle 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1L : 12 hours hot / 24 hours cold
  • Titan bottle 1,5L and 2L : 16 hours hot / 48 hours cold
  • Lunch Box 340ml and 600ml  : 5 hours hot / 7 hours cold
  • Bento 850ml : 4 hours hot / 6 hours cold
  • Stainless steel teapot 300ml : 5 hours hot / 7 hours cold
  • Stainless steel teapot 400ml : 6 hours hot / 8 hours cold
  • Glass teapot 320ml and 430ml : 1 hour hot
  • Travel mug 300ml and 470ml : 6 hours hot / 12 hours cold
  • Mug 240ml : 3 hours hot / 3 hours cold

Please note that the single wall bottles of the One collection, as well as the gourds and the Food Container, are not insulated.

Insulated stainless steel bottles: 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1L.
Titan bottles: 1.5L and 2L.
One bottles: 500ml and 1L.
Insulated stainless steel lunch boxes: 340ml and 600ml.
Bento: 850ml
The Food Container: 900ml
Insulated stainless steel teapots: 300ml and 400ml
Glass teapots: 320ml and 430ml
Mug: 240ml
Travel mug: 300ml and 470ml


  • 260ml: traditional porcelain teacup.
  • 500ml: perfect size to replace everyday plastic bottles.
  • 750ml: the size of a bottle of wine.
  • 1,5L: family-size plastic water bottle.

Yes, most Qwetch containers are 100% leakproof thanks to a silicone seal placed on the lid.

Please make sure to read the product’s description to see if your product is leakproof.

Clean your products and spare parts before the initial use and after each use. Clean with warm soapy water (mild detergent).
Rinse thoroughly and let it dry head down.
For a deep clean, we recommend using a teaspoon of baking soda, warm water, and a cleaning brush. If needed, let the baking soda sit for a few hours before rinsing.
Caution: do not use abrasive products to clean, it may damage your containers.

Our bottles, meal boxes, teapots, travel mugs are not microwave, oven or dishwasher safe.

Only the stainless steel Food Container, made in France, is :

–  microwave safe (without the lid) according to the NF D21-314 standard
– traditional oven safe
– dishwasher safe

Insulated containers are ethically and responsibly made in China, in selected factories and managed very closely by our Chinese team and ourselves.
We work with our Chinese team who is constantly in touch with the manufactures. We also visit several times a year to discuss with engineers and find ways to make each product better and more efficient. Qwetch has several quality controls during production processes, made by independent laboratories (SGS international, etc.), regarding raw material quality, compliance monitoring and quality of final products before departing for France. We choose factories for their quality and social engagement

Our organic cotton accessories are GOTS-certified, designed in France, and made in India by an ethical cooperative Les Mouettes Vertes.
The Cork sleeves are designed in France and made in Portugal by artisans.

The single wall stainless steel Food Container is made in France.
All our products are customized on demand in France and some are also decorated in this workshop.

The rigorous selection of raw materials such as glass, stainless steel 304 18/8, stainless steel 18/10 recycled 90% (Food Container) and BPA-free PP5, allows Qwetch to say that its products are the safest alternative to plastic and aluminium containers, made of phthalates and endocrine disruptors, proven to be harmful to your health.

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