Where are Qwetch products and accessories made?


Insulated containers are ethically and responsibly made in China, in selected factories and managed very closely by our Chinese team and ourselves.
We work with our Chinese team who is constantly in touch with the manufactures. We also visit several times a year to discuss with engineers and find ways to make each product better and more efficient. Qwetch has several quality controls during production processes, made by independent laboratories (SGS international, etc.), regarding raw material quality, compliance monitoring and quality of final products before departing for France. We choose factories for their quality and social engagement

Our organic cotton accessories are GOTS-certified, designed in France, and made in India by an ethical cooperative Les Mouettes Vertes.
The Cork sleeves are designed in France and made in Portugal by artisans.

The single wall stainless steel Food Container is made in France.
All our products are customized on demand in France and some are also decorated in this workshop.

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