Our ambition? Offer the best quality possible because we care about your wellbeing

Our products are selected and developed in order to fit to:

  • Your consumption pattern: ergonomic and reusable.
  • votre mode de VIE URBAIN : rangement facile dans un sac, accessoires malins pour plus d’autonomie et de simplicité notamment pour les transporter.
  • Your urban lifestyle: easy to carry, simple to use and store.
  • Your day-to-day life: comfortable and elegant.

Our products are also:

  • Healthy: our rigorous selection of raw materials (glass, stainless steel 304 18/8, BPA-free PP5, chromium-free leather…) makes our products the best alternative possible to plastic and aluminum, which are full of phthalates and endocrine disruptors.
  • Ecological: sustainable and organic raw materials, spare parts policy…Using Qwetch products is a great way to reduce waste on a daily basis.
  • Attractive: the products are well-thought and stylish, meeting everyone’s taste throughout different collections.

Where are
our products?

All stainless steel containers are ethically and responsibly made in China!

Where usage is mixed with tradition. Our team works closely with specialized manufactures in China, which were selected for their ethical commitment and quality of service.


Qwetch offers a range of nomad, isothermal, ergonomic, organic and sustainable solutions. Those solutions are for people who wish to eat healthier while eating out and on-the-go at the park, at the office, in commute…

Qwetch has two distinct universes: one is about daily nomad food and the other is centered on nomad tea and infusion.

Mobilithé by Qwetch: nomad and isothermal teacups

Move your food by Qwetch: isothermal and leak-proof lunchboxes, bottles and more…to take your food and drinks with you, wherever you go.

Boîte repas qwetch original
Qwetch, a range

Qwetch, a range

of nomad products